Orville Small

Orville Small

This is how Orville describes how this weird addiction got a hold of him.....
How did this happen you ask?.....No clue! What last I remember before having a guy named 'congo' and his buddies 'cowbell' and 'bongos' slip some magic potion into my drink at the bar is not very clear. I guess I do remember a time about two years back where I was taken to a Latin club by some ladyfriends and couldn't wait for the hip hop set to be played. But then that potion had kicked in. In a matter of weeks my homeboy Chester and I set out to take a 13 week lesson. Seeing that I progressed faster than expected, I cut my session short and took a few private lessons. Shortly after, about six months, I was approached to audition for a Cuban group recognized for performing across Quebec.

Now this was the first time that I ever saw Cuban costumes.....you know, the traditional Cuban tight shirt, deep V-neck with sleeves full of fluffs (that's what I call it). This was truly something that I never thought I would see myself in.... And then the shoes!.......Pointy!..... I was praying that 'congo' and his buddies would come around and slip another 'something' into my drink. At about that time I entered my first competition. Was I nervous?........Do women think that Brad Pitt looks good? From that point, I had one goal in mind..........Do my own thing!! So between going to the clubs, practicing on my own and taking a private from time to time, I set out to establish what I wanted to see myself being as a dancer. At about a year, I opened my dance school and taught at a club called 6/49 with Chester Moran. So if you're ever in Montreal, holler at him cause he'll 'hook you up'. Throughout that time until this present day I have been competing in local and major competitions placing first in seven of ten. Sooooooooooo now I am where I am today. I've moved to Toronto on very short notice to fulfill my love for this dance or better yet, to find out what old 'congo' slipped into my drink.

Now, I can try and search for a whole lot of dance background to feed you but there is none. Did I back spin on cardboard in the past? Sure.........but that's the extent of it. Don't let a lack of academics prior to dancing salsa fool you. My heart guides and my body follows................burn rubber on the pavement.
Signed Orville Small

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