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The online store for Tango Instruction DVDs

Latin EMagazine is Holland's largest online Latin Magazine about everything
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Latinnet is the Dutch online event calender that also gives you interviews, pictures of parties, reviews, articles and information about organisations and dance studios.

International and National Dance Platforms:  

In Belgium: online Calender

Platform for Salsa in the Netherlands, with valuable information on studios, history of Salsa and more:

reviews of instruction videos:

Latin Dance Directory:

Guide to Salsa Dancing in Amsterdam, for salsa in the UK.
find Salsa classes & clubs near you

Salsa Platform in the Netherlands:

Salsa Platform

Salsa Platform in Denmark:

Salsa Platform in Norway:

Platform for the south of the Netherlands:
The interactive directory of Dance News, Dance Classes, Dance Products, Dance Suppliers and Web Resources for the UK Dance Community.

 Salsa dance studio in Noord Holland:
 Dance vacations & travel:  

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 Dansvakanties naar Cuba: