Ruby Karen

A ballet dancer since her elementary days, Ruby Karen has worked up the ladder harder than most kids in her dance class. Coming from a family of nine siblings, the luxury of going to ballet class was not afforded to her, rather, she saved up her school allowance to pay for her tuition, and graciously accepted hand-me-down dance attires and Pointe shoes. After advancing enough to be leveled with the apprectices of dance companies, she found herself taking classes with world famous British dancer and teacher, William Morgan, who provided her with the strong fundamental training she now carries till today.
Ruby's standards have always been very high. She admits that the most valuable training she got came from her native country, the Philippines, where strict adherence to conformity, coupled with and abundance of artistic and creative expressions molded her as an artist. In Tokyo she presented herself as a modern dancer fusing the lines she developed from her ballet training. She kept her pace in the commercial field, performing in concerts, television, commercials, variety shows and movies.
When she moved to Los Angeles, she knew she had to start all over. She focused her attention as a dancer and a choreographer, creating various pieces for individuals and dance companies. As she hungered for new concepts, she found new challenges in acro-gymnastics and Salsa.

Ruby's dance products are available on Zone 1 (US) DVD.

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